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  • Duration 30 To 45 Days
  • Hostel Facility Available
  • Live Practical Training Available
  • Seats Available 11 Student
  • Tool Kits Available (Free)
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Mobile Repairing Institute

Mobile gadgets have become an essential component of our daily lives in our technologically advanced environment. Smartphones play an important role in everything from communication and entertainment to productivity and connectivity. However, given their increasing complexity, it's no wonder that these devices frequently necessitate the services of qualified professionals to fix. This is where “Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies” steps in. In this post, we will look at the vital services provided by “Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies” and how it enables people to become skilled mobile repair technicians.

Innovative Training Programmes

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” provides extensive training programmes in all aspects of mobile repair, from basic diagnostics to complex fixes. The curriculum of the institute is aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of mobile technology and the complexities involved in repairing various hardware and software issues. Students study smartphone components, circuitry, troubleshooting methods, and software debugging. Students obtain hands-on experience with real devices as part of their practical training, allowing them to learn the skills required for effective repairs. Course Curriculum A comprehensive advanced mobile mending course covers a wide range of topics to ensure that students establish a solid foundation in mobile technology and repair. Here are some of the important topics often taught in such a course: Understanding the internal components, architecture, and functionality of mobile devices. Learning about mobile operating systems, firmware, and software-related concerns. Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: Developing abilities to identify and correct hardware and software issues.

Faculty with Experience and Knowledge:

The faculty of “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” is made up of seasoned experts that have a thorough understanding of the mobile repair sector. They have a plethora of expertise and are up to date on the latest trends and technologies. Faculty members lead students through every step of the learning process, ensuring they obtain the most up-to-date and relevant material. Students at “Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies” gain the skills and confidence needed to flourish in the field through their experience and coaching.

Modern Infrastructure:

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” has cutting-edge facilities to provide the greatest possible learning environment. The institute is supplied with advanced laboratories and workshops, as well as the most up-to-date tools and equipment for mobile repairs. Students get access to a variety of smartphone models, allowing them to practice their abilities on smartphones from various manufacturers. This hands-on approach, along with current facilities, enables students to get a thorough understanding of mobile technology as well as skill in repair techniques.

Live Projects and Practical Training:

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” emphasizes practical training because they recognise that real-world experience is critical for success in the mobile repair sector. Students have the ability to work on actual devices, diagnosing and correcting a variety of problems through practical lessons and live projects. This hands-on experience improves their problem-solving skills and prepares them to manage a variety of repair problems effectively. Working on live projects allows students to acquire insight into consumer interactions, which helps them improve their communication and customer service abilities.

Continuing Education and Assistance:

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd”” believes in lifelong learning and professional development. The institute hosts workshops, seminars, and guest lectures by industry professionals on a monthly basis to bring students up to date on the newest breakthroughs in mobile technology and repair techniques. “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” is a shining example of excellence in mobile repair education. The institute provides aspiring technicians with the skills and expertise needed to survive in the mobile repair sector through its extensive training programmes, skilled professors, cutting-edge infrastructure, and emphasis on practical learning.

iPhone Repairing institute

Having the necessary skills and expertise is critical to succeed in the field of iPhone repair. “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” is a well-known iPhone Repairing Institute that aims to provide individuals with the necessary information and practical abilities to succeed in the profession. In this post, we will look at the essential advantages and benefits of EIT as a top iPhone repair training institute.

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” provides comprehensive training programmes that cover all elements of iPhone repair, ensuring that students obtain a well-rounded education. The classes are precisely developed, with topics such as hardware repair, software troubleshooting, and advanced repair procedures covered. Students are thoroughly instructed on iPhone components, functions, repair procedures, and the most recent industry breakthroughs.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty:

At “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd”, students are taught by a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who bring considerable industry knowledge and expertise to the classroom. The trainers have a thorough understanding of iPhone repair techniques and are up to date on the newest trends and advances. Throughout the training process, they provide important insights, practical advice, and mentorship, generating a conducive learning atmosphere.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Modern Repair Labs With the Most Up-To-Date Tools, Equipment, and Diagnostic Software “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” Takes Pride in Its Modern Repair Labs With The Most Up-To-Date Tools, Equipment, and Diagnostic Software. The institute makes sure that students have access to tools that are up to industry standards, allowing them to practice on actual iPhones and model real-world repair circumstances. This makes it easier to move from instruction to implementation in the real world.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

The curriculum at “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” has been carefully designed to cover all aspects of iPhone repair. There are in-depth sections on replacing the iPhone's screen, battery, and doing component-level repairs, among other things. Students also receive instruction on common software issues, system recoveries, iOS updates, and software troubleshooting. The institute also provides advanced courses that explore complex repair methods such as logic board repairs, water damage repair, and micro-soldering.


After successfully completing the training programmes, “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” offers industry-recognized certificates. These credentials demonstrate a technician's skill and increase their reputation in the market.

After successfully completing the training programmes, “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” offers industry-recognized certificates. Job placement assistance is also available. These credentials demonstrate a technician's skill and increase their reputation in the market.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to remove and fix All Mobile Components like Charger jack,Mic jack, Camera, speaker, jumper, SIM, Headphone jack etc.
  • Mobile phone Assembling & Dissembling
  • Mobile phone fingerprint related problem solution
  • Water damage mobile phone repair
  • How to repair and check battery
  • OCA Machine Training
  • How to change/remove mobile screen (folder)
  • All types Mobile screen repair
  • Mobile camera and circuit tracing and repair
  • Unlock Any Phone: FRP, Pattern, Password, PIN
  • Flashing Any Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)
  • Software Update (Android/iPhone)
  • Backup (Android/iPhone)
  • Practice on All types of Mobile Phone, etc.


    Mobile Hardware Basic Electronics & Practice Class

  • About Mobile Repairing course
  • About knowledge of all hardware part of mobile phone
  • Soldering & De-soldering of Big electronics Components
  • Soldering & De-soldering of Small electronics Components
  • How to do Big jumping in Mobile phone
  • How to do Small jumping in Mobile phone                         
  • How to do print jumping in Smartphone
  • BGA IC Re-balling
  • BGA IC Soldering & De-soldering practice
  • Charging jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • On/off switch jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • Headphone jack Soldering & De-soldering                          
  • Mic jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • Speaker/ringer Soldering & De-soldering
  • Camera jack connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • Sensor Soldering & De-soldering
  • Display jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • Memory jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • SIM jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering                                  
  • Vibrator Soldering & De-soldering
  • How to disassemble smartphone
  • How to assemble smartphone
  • Mobile Phone History
  • How to use multimeter
  • About Resistor electronic comments
  • About Capacitor
  • About Diode Component
  • About Coil component
  • About transistor components           
  • About Crystal Component
  • About IC Component                                                  
  • About speaker/ringer Component
  • About Mic Component
  • About vibrator component
  • About switch component
  • How to replacement mobile folder

  • Mobile Tracing Class

  • About mobile Tracing class
  • All Section in Mobile phone details
  • How to use DC power supply machine
  • Charging section circuit details
  • Sound section circuit details
  • Network section circuit details
  • On/Off section circuit details
  • Camera section circuit details
  • Sensor section circuit details
  • Mic section circuit details
  • Power IC circuit details
  • CPU circuit details
  • Basic knowledge eMMC chip
  • Display section circuit details
  • Touch section circuit details
  • All other section details
  • How to use schematic
  • How to tracing section with schematic
  • How to download smartphone schematic
  • About problem in Smartphone and solutions
  • Mobile dead problem solution
  • No display problem solution
  • Charging problem solution
  • Light related problem solution
  • Camera related problem solution
  • Mic related problem solution
  • Speaker related problem solution
  • On/Off related problem solution
  • Sensor related problem solution
  • Network related problem solution
  • SIM related problem solution
  • Power IC related problem solution
  • Damage phone repairing tips
  • Half Shorting repairing
  • Full Shorting repairing
  • Water damage related phone repairing tips
  • How to use touch separator
  • How to use oca machine
  • OCA Machine Training
  • Overview OCA Machine Tool
  • How to remove folder and pasting
  • How to separate touch/LCD glass and make comb
  • How to remove & change film.

  • Mobile Software Class

  • Introduction of Mobile Software
  • Mobile Problem its Reason
  • Find Problem Hardware & Software
  • Requirement of Mobile Software
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Unlocking
  • SAMSUNG Tool & File Downloading
  • Driver & Software installation
  • Identification Types of Files
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Flashing by Software
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Flashing by Software Box
  • SAMSUNG Mobile FRP Unlock
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Country Unlock
  • iPhone Mobile Software Update Online
  • How to use Miracle Box
  • How to use z3x Box
  • How to use UMT Dongle
  • iPhone Flashing Offline
  • iPhone Unlocking
  • iPhone Country Unlocking
  • iPhone iCloud Unlock
  • Blackberry Flashing Online
  • Blackberry Flashing Offline
  • Blackberry Unlocking
  • All Chinese Mobile Flashing
  • Chinese Mobile Unlocking
  • Chinese Mobile FRP Unlocking
  • Read Pattern Unlock
  • Hard reset
  • Reset Code Without Data Loss
  • Sony Mobile Flashing
  • Backup