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  • Duration 30 To 45 Days
  • Hostel Facility Available
  • Live Practical Training Available
  • Seats Available 11 Student
  • Tool Kits Available (Free)
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iPhone Repairing Course

Are you interested in turning your enthusiasm for iPhones into a lucrative career? If so, enrolling in an iPhone Repairing Course could be the key to unlocking a world of potential. In this post, we will look at the benefits of taking an iPhone Repairing Course and how it may help you become a skilled iPhone repair professional. An iPhone Repairing Course is a specialized training programme that teaches students the complexities of iPhone repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The training covers everything from iPhone hardware components to software diagnostics and repair techniques. The course is designed to accommodate learners of all levels, whether you're a newbie or a computer enthusiast with some past experience.

Course Description:

Introduction to iPhones:

Learn about the various models and their components, as well as the iPhone's operating system (iOS) and the tools needed for repairs.

Basic Electronics:

Learn the basics of electronic components, circuits, and soldering skills. This understanding will serve as the foundation for more intricate repairs.

iPhone Hardware:

Learn about the inner workings of iPhones, such as the display assembly, battery, logic board, camera, speaker, and other vital components. Learn how to securely disassemble and reassemble an iPhone.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues:

Identify and diagnose common problems like as water damage, unresponsive touchscreens, audio issues, and more. Investigate effective troubleshooting strategies to identify the source of the problem.

Screen Replacement:

Learn how to replace cracked or damaged iPhone screens, as well as LCD and digitizer replacements. Understand the various screen kinds and how to transfer

Battery and Charging Port Replacement:

Learn how to repair defective batteries and charging ports on iPhones to ensure optimal performance and battery life.

Camera and Speaker Repair:

Learn how to repair or replace broken cameras and speakers, allowing iPhones to take high-quality photographs and offer crystal-clear music.

Software and Data Recovery:

Learn how to deal with software-related difficulties such system crashes, boot loops, and data loss. Investigate data recovery and software troubleshooting techniques.


An iPhone Repairing Course's curriculum is meticulously created to ensure thorough learning. It begins with the fundamentals of iPhone technology, introducing students to the various models, their components, and how they work. Students go deeper into hardware fixes as the course continues, such as screen replacement, battery replacement, and charging difficulties. They also learn how to troubleshoot typical software issues such as iOS bugs and app malfunctions.

Hands-On Practical Training:

An iPhone Repairing Course would be incomplete without hands-on practice. Students are given numerous opportunities to work with genuine iPhones, obtaining hands-on experience in correcting a variety of problems. The course's hands-on approach allows students to become acquainted with the tools, equipment, and procedures utilized in iPhone repairs. This hands-on training improves confidence and equips students to efficiently face real-world repair difficulties.

Expert Advice:

The effectiveness of an iPhone Repairing Course is heavily reliant on the instructors' expertise. . Throughout the course, these experts guide students, providing essential insights, tips, and tactics. Their guidance guarantees that students obtain accurate knowledge and are up to date on the newest breakthroughs in iPhone technology.

Timely and inexpensive:

An iPhone Repairing Course is typically a short-term programme, making it an appealing option for folks wishing to begin their career without investing several years in education. With low tuition and prospective job prospects , this course provides a cost-effective road to a satisfying career.

Business Recognition:

Employers in the mobile repair business seek applicants with specialized expertise. Completing an iPhone Repairing Course strengthens your CV, making you stand out among other applicants. The course's industry recognition increases your employability and opens doors to possibilities at authorized service centers, repair shops, or even as a freelance technician. An iPhone Repairing course enables students interested in entering the profitable sector of smartphone repairs with a full learning experience. By learning the art of iPhone repair, you'll be able to fix common problems, save money on repairs for yourself and others, and maybe launch a lucrative career or business. So, if you love technology and want to become a proficient iPhone repair expert, enrolling in an iPhone repairing course could be the first step towards a rich and satisfying future in the field of mobile device repair.

Wide Range of Courses and Specializations:

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” provides a varied range of courses and specializations in order to meet the increasing demands of the technology sector. The institute offers extensive training programmes that involve both theoretical principles and practical applications, ranging from mobile phone repairs to laptop service, software creation to networking. Students have the freedom to select courses based on their interests and professional goals, delivering a personalized learning experience

Specialized Training

iPhone repairing institutions in Delhi focus on delivering specialized training particularly targeted for Apple devices. Students learn about the unique hardware and software features of iPhones, as well as how to detect and repair common faults like touchscreen glitches, camera failures, and audio-related errors. Hands-on practice on genuine iPhone devices is also included in the programme, allowing students to obtain practical expertise in iPhone repairs.

Advanced Repair Techniques:

Advanced repair techniques for iPhones, such as chip-level fixes and motherboard repairs, are covered in iPhone repairing classes in Delhi. These approaches entail diagnosing and repairing complicated problems at the component level, allowing students to do difficult repair jobs with precision. The courses teach students how to manage iPhone repairs that go beyond basic troubleshooting.

Authentic Tools and Equipment:

Students at reputable colleges offering iPhone repairing classes in Delhi get access to genuine tools and equipment used in iPhone repairs. This hands-on experience with professional gear guarantees that students become acquainted with the necessary procedures and strategies for efficient iPhone repairs. It also equips students to confidently manage real-world repair issues. “Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd”is a notable institution in Delhi that fosters technological knowledge via a diverse selection of courses, skilled instructors, hands-on training, and an emphasis on industry-relevant skills. The institute inspires individuals to achieve in their chosen industries by providing a conducive learning atmosphere and educating students with the information and skills necessary in the fast expanding technological world. Expert Institute of Technology Pvt Ltd provides the right environment to cultivate talent and pave the road for a successful future in the technology business, whether you want to work in mobile repairs, software development, or networking ,technologies.

iphone Repairing Course In Delhi

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives in the fast-paced world of technology. With a growing need for competent mobile phone repair experts, it is critical to select the correct institute to obtain the requisite knowledge and competence. Expert Institute of Technology Pvt Ltd is a well-known institution in Delhi that provides complete instruction in mobile phone repairs. This article attempts to showcase the essential characteristics and benefits of“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd”, demonstrating its dedication to developing skilled mobile repair professionals.

Comprehensive Curriculum

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd” provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all elements of mobile phone repairs, from fundamental diagnostic procedures to sophisticated chip-level fixes. The faculty at the institute is made up of seasoned industry experts with extensive knowledge and competence in mobile phone repair. Their mentoring and supervision guarantee that students obtain high-quality education and training in the profession.

Hands-on Training with Cutting-Edge Technology:

Expert Institute of Technology Pvt Ltd has cutting-edge facilities and well-equipped laboratories to give a hands-on learning experience. Students get access to the most up-to-date tools, equipment, and mobile phone models in order to practice repairs and obtain hands-on experience. The institute's emphasis on practical training assists students in developing the essential skills and confidence to efficiently manage varied repair circumstances.

Curriculum and Technology Trends Relevant to Industry:

“Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt.Ltd”keeps its curriculum current with industry trends and technical advances. The institution recognises the need of remaining current with the ever-changing mobile phone ecosystem. Expert Institute guarantees that students are prepared with the skills needed to flourish in the changing mobile repair market by including the newest repair techniques, software upgrades, and upcoming technologies into their curriculum.


Completing an iPhone repairing course in Delhi frequently results in certification, which validates students' abilities and knowledge. Because it displays skill in iPhone repairs, this certification can considerably improve work chances.. This assistance considerably improves the possibilities of obtaining a profitable job in iPhone repairs. Through dedicated iPhone repairing classes, Delhi provides aspiring individuals with a fantastic opportunity to specialize in iPhone repairs. These classes give a thorough grasp of iPhone hardware and software, as well as hands-on practice on actual devices. Students who join in an iPhone repairing course in Delhi receive the knowledge needed to detect and repair a variety of Apple-specific faults. Graduates may begin a lucrative career in iPhone repairs with certification and placement aid, meeting the ever-increasing demand for trained technicians in the competitive smartphone sector.


  • i-Phone Technologies
  • Removing All Small Component
  • Multimeter ( 4 & 3 Digits )
  • Micro Jumper
  • Restore, Flash iPhone
  • Using iTune, 3u Tools
  • About CPU Series
  • What is pull up component
  • What is pull down component
  • What is divider component
  • RAM puncher ( A-9)
  • Cylinder filling (A-8)
  • RAM drill method ( Practical )
  • Removing ic ( Non Pasted )
  • Reballing ic of Non Pasted ic
  • Fixing ic ( Non Pasted )
  • Removing Method of Pasted ic
  • Method of Cleaning Glue & Pad
  • Wifi ic
  • NAND ic
  • Small Pasted ic
  • What is GR/COOL Testing
  • Hot Testing
  • How to make layer OF ( sandwich board )
  • How to separate sandwich board
  • How to fix sandwich board
  • CPU reballing easy way
  • CPU Double deckor A8, A9
  • Bionic CPU Glue cutting cleaning a-10, a-11 etc,
  • How to remove CPU safe way to with the temperature knowledge
  • Removing power ic with easy way and precise temp.
  • DC Machine Coding
  • Dead Set Coding
  • Before Power Shorting Solution
  • After Power Shorting Solution
  • DFU Recovery Mode
  • Open Current Solution
  • ok Condition
  • i2C and RAM Condition
  • Power Damage Condition
  • Read Schematic Diagram
  • iC Decoding
  • Apple Logo Stuck
  • Restart Apple Logo
  • Apple Logo Blinking
  • Apple Logo Blank
  • Error Decoding iTune & 3u Tools
  • How to Check u2 iC
  • What is Boost Circuit
  • What is Buck Circuit
  • What is IDO Circuit
  • SMPS Circuit
  • Fast Checking Power ok With DC All Model
  • Fast Checking CPU ok With DC All Model
  • What is i2c
  • Swap Theory With Data Without Data
  • A-8
  • A-9
  • A-10
  • A-11
  • A-12
  • A-13
  • A-14
  • A-15
  • Swapping A-8
  • Swapping A-9
  • Swapping A-10
  • Swapping A-11
  • Swapping A-12
  • Swapping A-13
  • Swapping A-14
  • Swapping A-15
  • CNC Board Checking
  • Board Checking
  • How to Repair Dead Set ( Sandwich Booard )
  • No Graphic problem and solution ( all processed )
  • No light problem & solution ( all processed )
  • Camera problem & solution ( all processed )
  • Layer repaired ( screw hole )
  • No sound audio section circuit
  • Charging section
  • Network section
  • No baseband problem
  • Change FPC connector camera, speaker, charging with safe way
  • Component resistor working, identification, checking Coil
  • working, identification, checking Capacitor
  • Diode working, identification, checking
  • Start up all phone
  • MIPI line, LPDP line, ICM line, GP10, SPI, MISO, MISO signal
  • Thermal Working
  • Tracing short line by thermal
  • Resolving fault after tracing by thermal
  • NAND Programming
  • 6, 6+ Programming tools
  • 6s, 6s Pluse, 7, 7 Plus - P7 / P7 Pro
  • 8, 8+ , x , Xr , etc P13
  • Wifi Unlocking With P13
  • Wifi Unlock With Purple Screen
  • Wifi Section Problem & Solution
  • NAND Upgrading ( 64gb to 512 gb )
  • Removing NAND Error With Programming
  • NAND Serial No Recover With JC, P7 & P13
  • Read & Write AP EEPROM
  • Read & Write BB EPROM
  • Battery Error Massage
  • Display Error Message iPhone 11 to iPhone 14
  • True Tune Recovery With Original Display
  • True Tune Recovery With Original ALS
  • True Tune Recovery Without ALS/ Display
  • NAND Unbind
  • Face ID theory with live practical
  • Face ID Not available problem
  • True depth camera sensor etc
  • Face ID Repairing By ALS
  • Face ID Repairing By unbind
  • Tips for service centre
  • Live Practical Training