Advance Mobile Repairing Course



  • Duration 30 To 45 Days
  • Hostel Facility Available
  • Live Practical Training Available
  • Seats Available 11 Student
  • Tool Kits Available (Free)
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Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile devices have become a crucial aspect of our lives in the current digital era. The need for knowledgeable specialists who can fix and troubleshoot these devices is growing as they develop and become more complex. An advanced mobile repairing course is the ideal first step towards a fulfilling profession if you have a passion for technology and want to learn the skills necessary to flourish in the field of mobile repair.

What is an Advanced Mobile Repairing Course?

An advanced mobile repairing course is a specialized training program designed to equip individuals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills required to diagnose, repair, and maintain modern mobile devices. This course goes beyond the basics of mobile repairing and focuses on advanced concepts and techniques to tackle complex issues encountered in smartphones .The Advanced Mobile Repairing Course is a rigorous training programme that goes beyond the fundamentals of cell phone repair. It is intended for aspiring technicians who want to develop their repair skills and tackle complicated issues found in modern cell phones. From hardware diagnostics and component-level repairs to advanced software troubleshooting and data recovery procedures, the course covers a wide range of topics. Course Curriculum A comprehensive advanced mobile mending course covers a wide range of topics to ensure that students establish a solid foundation in mobile technology and repair. Here are some of the important topics often taught in such a course: Understanding the internal components, architecture, and functionality of mobile devices. Learning about mobile operating systems, firmware, and software-related concerns. Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: Developing abilities to identify and correct hardware and software issues.

Fundamentals of Mobile Phone Hardware:

An overview of the various components and their operations Understanding circuit boards, connections, and integrated circuits Troubleshooting frequent hardware problems and failures Troubleshooting Advanced Software:

Firmware flashing and updating

Techniques for unlocking and software alterations Managing software faults and crashes

Repairs at the Chip Level:

Troubleshooting and replacement at the component level Techniques for soldering and desoldering Micro Soldering is used to repair sensitive components.

Restoration of Water Damage:

Water damage and corrosion diagnosis Cleaning and drying methods Restoring functioning and replacing damaged components

Data Recovery for Cell Phones:

Understanding the many types of data loss Techniques and software for data recovery Data recovery from physically damaged devices

Advantages Of Mobile Repairing Course

Enhanced Technical Skills: Gain a thorough understanding of mobile phone hardware, advanced software diagnostics, and chip-level fixes, allowing you to confidently manage challenging repair tasks. Increased Employability: The advanced skills acquired through this course make you a valuable asset in the mobile repair sector, bringing up a variety of job chances and professional progression opportunities.

Independent Repair Business: Armed with extensive knowledge, you can launch your own mobile repair business, providing high-quality services to a diverse spectrum of customers. Stay Current: The course curriculum is continuously updated to stay up with the latest mobile phone technologies and industry trends, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of the repair industry..

Hands-On Experience: The course emphasizes practical training, giving you plenty of opportunities to work on real mobile devices, refine your skills, and develop problem-solving talents. Overall view The Advanced Mobile Repairing Course provides a complete and practical approach to mobile phone repair, preparing students to flourish in the quickly evolving mobile sector. Whether you want to become a professional technician, start your own repair business, or improve your existing repair skills, this course will provide you the information and hands-on experience you need to thrive in this fast-paced industry. Accept this chance to learn the art of advanced mobile mending and launch a profitable career in the world of technology.

Mobile Repairing Course In Delhi

Smartphones have become an indispensable component of our lives in the current digital era. They have transformed how we interact with one another, conduct business, and obtain information. But as mobile devices get more complicated, there is a rising need for qualified technicians who can maintain and repair them. A mobile repairing training in Delhi can be a great choice if you have a passion for technology and want to pursue a fulfilling job. This article outlines what to anticipate from mobile repair training in the exciting capital city of India and discusses the advantages of such a course.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

A mobile repair course in Delhi provides a thorough curriculum developed to give students the information and abilities they need to identify, debug, and fix a variety of mobile devices. Basic electronics, smartphone hardware and software, circuit board soldering, troubleshooting methods, software flashing, data recovery, and many other subjects are frequently covered in the course. The curriculum is designed to give both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Experienced and Qualified Trainers:

There are many known training facilities in Delhi that provide courses in mobile repairing. These schools feature a staff of trained, experienced lecturers that are deeply knowledgeable and skilled in the subject. They have the tools necessary to give pupils individualized attention and guidance, ensuring that they fully understand the material. Students can stay current on the newest trends and developments in mobile technology thanks to the professors' industry expertise and useful advice.

Modern Training Facilities With State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Mobile repairing classes are offered in Delhi in modern training facilities. Students have access to the most recent tools, hardware, and software utilized in the mobile repair sector thanks to the institutes. This makes it possible for trainees to practice on actual devices and get experience performing different repair chores. Additionally, to expose students to various repair issues and better prepare them for the actual requirements of the industry, the schools frequently replicate real-world circumstances. Obtaining credentials that are relevant to the industry is possible after completing a mobile repair school in Delhi. These certificates vouch for your abilities and knowledge, giving you a leg up when looking for work or launching your own repair company. Reputable training facilities frequently give certification exams at the conclusion of the programme to make sure students are ready to prove their proficiency in mobile repair.

Career prospects:

The mobile repair sector has several job prospects due to Delhi's status as a thriving metropolis. You can pursue a number of job options after completing a degree in mobile repair, including those of mobile technician, service center manager, mobile repair business owner, or even independent repair specialist. The knowledge you get from the course will enable you to work with top smartphone manufacturers, authorized service providers, or start your own repair company to cater to a rising clientele. For those who love technology and want to pursue a rewarding career in the mobile repair sector, enrolling in a mobile repairing course in Delhi is a great investment. Delhi is the perfect place to learn the skills required to succeed in this business thanks to its extensive curriculum, qualified professors, cutting-edge facilities, industry certifications, and numerous career opportunities. You may help keep people connected and advance the rapidly changing field of mobile technology by developing your skills in mobile repair.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to remove and fix All Mobile Components like Charger jack,Mic jack, Camera, speaker, jumper, SIM, Headphone jack etc.
  • Mobile phone Assembling & Dissembling
  • Mobile phone fingerprint related problem solution
  • Water damage mobile phone repair
  • How to repair and check battery
  • OCA Machine Training
  • How to change/remove mobile screen (folder)
  • All types Mobile screen repair
  • Mobile camera and circuit tracing and repair
  • Unlock Any Phone: FRP, Pattern, Password, PIN
  • Flashing Any Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)
  • Software Update (Android/iPhone)
  • Backup (Android/iPhone)
  • Practice on All types of Mobile Phone, etc.


    Mobile Hardware Basic Electronics & Practice Class

  • About Mobile Repairing course
  • About knowledge of all hardware part of mobile phone
  • Soldering & De-soldering of Big electronics Components
  • Soldering & De-soldering of Small electronics Components
  • How to do Big jumping in Mobile phone
  • How to do Small jumping in Mobile phone                         
  • How to do print jumping in Smartphone
  • BGA IC Re-balling
  • BGA IC Soldering & De-soldering practice
  • Charging jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • On/off switch jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • Headphone jack Soldering & De-soldering                          
  • Mic jack Soldering & De-soldering
  • Speaker/ringer Soldering & De-soldering
  • Camera jack connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • Sensor Soldering & De-soldering
  • Display jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • Memory jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering
  • SIM jack/connector Soldering & De-soldering                                  
  • Vibrator Soldering & De-soldering
  • How to disassemble smartphone
  • How to assemble smartphone
  • Mobile Phone History
  • How to use multimeter
  • About Resistor electronic comments
  • About Capacitor
  • About Diode Component
  • About Coil component
  • About transistor components           
  • About Crystal Component
  • About IC Component                                                  
  • About speaker/ringer Component
  • About Mic Component
  • About vibrator component
  • About switch component
  • How to replacement mobile folder

  • Mobile Tracing Class

  • About mobile Tracing class
  • All Section in Mobile phone details
  • How to use DC power supply machine
  • Charging section circuit details
  • Sound section circuit details
  • Network section circuit details
  • On/Off section circuit details
  • Camera section circuit details
  • Sensor section circuit details
  • Mic section circuit details
  • Power IC circuit details
  • CPU circuit details
  • Basic knowledge eMMC chip
  • Display section circuit details
  • Touch section circuit details
  • All other section details
  • How to use schematic
  • How to tracing section with schematic
  • How to download smartphone schematic
  • About problem in Smartphone and solutions
  • Mobile dead problem solution
  • No display problem solution
  • Charging problem solution
  • Light related problem solution
  • Camera related problem solution
  • Mic related problem solution
  • Speaker related problem solution
  • On/Off related problem solution
  • Sensor related problem solution
  • Network related problem solution
  • SIM related problem solution
  • Power IC related problem solution
  • Damage phone repairing tips
  • Half Shorting repairing
  • Full Shorting repairing
  • Water damage related phone repairing tips
  • How to use touch separator
  • How to use oca machine
  • OCA Machine Training
  • Overview OCA Machine Tool
  • How to remove folder and pasting
  • How to separate touch/LCD glass and make comb
  • How to remove & change film.

  • Mobile Software Class

  • Introduction of Mobile Software
  • Mobile Problem its Reason
  • Find Problem Hardware & Software
  • Requirement of Mobile Software
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Unlocking
  • SAMSUNG Tool & File Downloading
  • Driver & Software installation
  • Identification Types of Files
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Flashing by Software
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Flashing by Software Box
  • SAMSUNG Mobile FRP Unlock
  • SAMSUNG Mobile Country Unlock
  • iPhone Mobile Software Update Online
  • How to use Miracle Box
  • How to use z3x Box
  • How to use UMT Dongle
  • iPhone Flashing Offline
  • iPhone Unlocking
  • iPhone Country Unlocking
  • iPhone iCloud Unlock
  • Blackberry Flashing Online
  • Blackberry Flashing Offline
  • Blackberry Unlocking
  • All Chinese Mobile Flashing
  • Chinese Mobile Unlocking
  • Chinese Mobile FRP Unlocking
  • Read Pattern Unlock
  • Hard reset
  • Reset Code Without Data Loss
  • Sony Mobile Flashing
  • Backup